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Winter activities

When winter envelops the Laurentians region of Quebec in a blanket of sparkling snow, Aventures Plein Air presents itself as the epicenter of winter excitement. Nestled in the heart of this picturesque region, the company offers an incredible range of winter activities that provide adventurers from all walks of life with unforgettable experiences. Snowmobile: For lovers of speed and adventure, Aventures Plein Air offers snowmobile expeditions through well-maintained trails. Going on a snowmobile ride through the snowy landscapes of the Laurentians is a thrilling experience. Experienced guides lead participants through stunning vistas, while emphasizing safety and respect for the environment. Dog sledding: Lovers of animals and Nordic traditions can immerse themselves in a unique dog sledding experience. Guided by experienced mushers, participants are introduced to the art of driving a team of sled dogs. Gliding through snowy forests, with the joyful barking of huskies as an accompaniment, creates memories that last a lifetime. Warm accommodation: After a day full of winter adventures, Aventures Plein Air offers comfortable and welcoming accommodation. Whether in quaint inns or rustic cabins, travelers can relax and warm up in a warm environment. The accommodations are carefully designed to offer total immersion in the winter atmosphere while preserving modern comforts. Chalet rental: For those who wish to extend their stay and live a more immersive experience, Aventures Plein Air offers the rental of private chalets. These chalets nestled in the woods offer a comfortable and authentic refuge, where one can relax after a day of snowy adventures. With crackling fireplaces, private hot tubs and breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains, these cabins offer a luxurious and serene winter experience.

Aventures Plein Air goes beyond simple activities by offering complete experiences. Guides and staff are passionate about the area and strive to create bespoke adventures for each client. In addition, the company promotes values ​​of respect for the environment and sustainability, taking care to minimize the impact of activities on the surrounding nature. In conclusion, Aventures Plein Air in the Laurentians, Quebec, is much more than just a winter activity company. It's a gateway to authentic and memorable experiences in one of Canada's most scenic regions. Whether it's criss-crossing the trails on a snowmobile, gliding behind a team of sled dogs, relaxing in cozy cabins or exploring the natural beauty of the Laurentians, every adventure with Aventures Plein Air promises to create memories that last a lifetime. a life.



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